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Pressure Guard Valve Cap Pressure Monitor (Pack of 4)

Pressure Guard Valve Cap Pressure Monitor (Pack of 4)

Product Information

Pressure Guard Valve Cap Pressure Monitor (Pack of 4)

We all know that maintaining the correct pressure in your tyres is vital for both safety and economic reasons - and we are constantly searching for new products that make this job easier and cheaper.

This latest Valve Cap Pressure Monitor automatically calibrates to the pressure in your tyres, and informs you then the pressure decreases.

Directions: Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure and replace your existing valve cap with the Pressure Guard cap - the cap will then display a solid green indicator through the transparent tip.  As the pressure in the tyre decreases the green indicator retracts into the body of the valve cap and the red indicator becomes visible - warning you of the pressure loss

  • Lightweight yet tough plastic construction
  • Suitable for any Schrader valve (typical automotive valve)
  • Self calibrating pressure range 20-42 psi (1.4-1.8 Bar)
  • Simple and effective visual indication of your tyre pressures
  • Easy to use and re-calibrates each time the valve cap is removed or re-attached
  • Pack includes four individual valve cap pressure monitors
  • Price includes postage

Price: £9.99

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